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Building upon Immanuel Kant's clear formulations of the laws of thinking, Paul Roubiczek wrote profoundly about objective and subjective reality, values, the importance of feeling, and the limits of science and philosophy. Man should think clearly and apply right thought to his full experience, which includes much more than mere reason. Roubiczek's work marks a high point in Western philosophy that has not yet received due attention.

Roubiczek was born in Prague in 1898 to a Jewish family and served in the Austrian army during the First World War. His bitter battlefield experiences led him to convert to Christianity and pacifism. He studied philosophy in Berlin until forced to emigrate in 1933. In Paris he ran an anti-Nazi publishing firm until further flight to Great Britain. For many years he taught philosophy and German literature at Cambridge University. In his writings he considers the deep, existential impact of faith. After retiriement Paul Roubiczek moved to Gmund, Upper Bavaria, where he died in 1972.

All of Roubiczek's writings are out of print. His ground-breaking Thinking in Opposites is difficult to find. Its contents (now public domain) are being reproduced on these web pages.

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Since I am especially interested in the parallels and contrasts between Roubiczek's work and Unification Thought, I have created a page describing my observations. There is a section, "Brain Science and Belief" demonstrating how some leading researchers are confronting the limits of science, as Dr. Roubiczek described.


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